4 powerful reasons to get a mercedez benz van leasing deal

Mercedes benz sprinter vans are the amongst most of popular commercial vehicles in the whole world. Therefore, there is a record number of sprinter vans that  were sold in 2015, that’s; the van’s 20th anniversary, accompanied with some of three hundred and twenty one thousand sold worldwide, which represents a 9% increase over the previous year.
There are growing number of corporations, entrepreneurs and  also individuals that are buying sprinters to help grow their own businesses or even to customize their own unique recreational vehicle and mobile office.
Mercedes benz have began construction on a new sprinter van production facility in Charleston, located in South Carolina. This new mercedes benz van plant will be able to serve as a growing demand for Sprinter Vans in the United States and eventually, Sprinter van sales started to increase in the United States with some twenty eight thousands and six hundred vans delivered to customers in 2015, which is as overall of 11% increase over the previous year.

There are therefore number of reasons of getting mercedez benz van leasing deal as follows;

  1. a) Top Service

This is where caring for own van could not be easier with service and warranty options available from mercedes benz and therefore mercedes benz is committed to help one keep address to any issues that my arise with no hassle convenience and the extended limited warranty of mercedez benz van offers these features:

  1. The repairs by the factory-trained technicians utilizes high technological diagnostic equipments.
  2. There’s no risk to the buyer, this is where it may be canceled any time prior to the new vehicle limited warranty expiration for a full refund.
  • There are no deductibles or cumbersome claims processing.
  1. There also no approvals required prior to the repairs.
  2. b) There are alots of Options

This is where mercedes benz can build one’s van from the ground up in a way that it will best fit the needs. The sprinters van and the smaller metris vans come with a variety of models that can be customized to haul cargo, crew and or even passengers.
These mercedes benz sprinter van are available in several models such as;

  1. Cab, these are cutaway/chassis used as foundation for customization
  2. Cargo, for two front passenger seats with empty cargo area
  • Crew, designed to accommodates up to five passengers with seats
  1. Passenger, that accommodates up to 12 passengers
  2. Minibus, made to transport up to 19 passengers with customizable seating arrangements.

All the sprinter van models can be customised to meetdifferent needs with optional roof heights such as; standard, high and superhigh and these body styles allow for flexibility and also giving the customers the ability to choose the size, cargo capacity and the height of their vehicles.

  1. c) Have ability to make it by your own

This is where the sprinter vans can serve as the foundation for customers to customize their vehicles to meet their own specific needs. Mercedes benz has a group of authorized Master Upfitters who can help to equip sprinter vans with racks, bins, seats, generators, and any other equipment necessally to create a vehicle that one can use to build business. Therefore, a few common sprinter van upfits include:

  1. Delivery or service vans
  2. Mobile workshops
  • Refrigeration vans
  1. Mobile offices
  2. Ambulances or other emergency response vehicles
  1. Shuttle buses
  2. d) They have impressive safety features

This is where crosswind sssist which comes standard and it’s the only crosswind mitigation system in the commercial van segment and helps to ensure that the van and its cargo stay safely on the road and even when strong gusts of wind threaten at top highway speeds. There is another standard feature that comes with the mercedes benz sprinter which is called the load adaptive electronic stability program and this safety feature helps keep the sprinter van firmly under the control of the driver. All the sprinters also come with the following:

  1. Acceleration slip control
  2. Anti-lock braking system
  • Front airbags
  1. Three-point seat belts for all seats
  2. Hydraulic brake assist

There are also other optional advanced safety systems which include:

  1. Blind spot assist
  2. Lane keeping assist
  • Highbeam assist
  1. Collision prevention assist

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