Do the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans offer refrigeration?

When you purchase a van for your armada, you may require it for an assortment of reasons. On the off chance that you have to keep the back cool then you might think about whether the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans offer refrigeration. We have your answers ideal here. You might be shocked at what the Sprinter can go straight from the production line.

Can the Sprinter Cargo Van be refrigerated?

Indeed, the Sprinter Cargo Van is ideal for a refrigeration upfit. In spite of the fact that you can’t get refrigeration from the manufacturing plant, you can get the Refrigeration Prep Package, which will make the upfit all the less demanding and furthermore give you a few different luxuries en route.

Refrigeration Prep Package prerequisites

The Refrigeration Prep Package is just accessible on the Sprinter Cargo Van as neither the Crew Van nor the Passenger Van is perfect for organizations that require refrigeration. Past that, you should select at any rate the High Roof. This bundle is generally accessible with any wheelbase and is even accessible with the Super High Roof and 4X4 choices.

What does the refrigeration prep bundle include?

To plan for refrigeration, the payload wood floor is evacuated and sections for the A/C blower are included. Numerous link pipes will likewise be introduced to consider effortlessly directing links through the freight van when the upfit happens.

On the battery front, this bundle replaces the standard battery with a 12 volt 96 amp profound cycle battery. Notwithstanding your motor battery, this bundle additionally includes a 100-amp assistant battery. This guarantees you can keep the back-end chilly for quite a while notwithstanding when the motor isn’t running. The assistant battery additionally has a devoted cut-off hand-off.

Different enhancements included by the Refrigeration Prep Package

Refrigeration Prep Package likewise includes an entire host of different conveniences that you or your driver get the opportunity to exploit. On the security side of things, this bundle includes an emergency treatment unit alongside blindside checking. Since a refrigerated van once in a while has a simple perspective of the street behind, this bundle additionally accompanies a rearview camera and a capable of being heard reinforcement caution.

Ideal Performance

A standout amongst the most prominent uses for Sprinter vans is for neighborhood conveyance administrations. This implies high mileage, visit here and now trips, and a considerable measure of halting and beginning, which can truly incur a significant injury on a vehicle’s motor. These vans’ motors have a notoriety for unwavering quality, notwithstanding these intense working conditions. Sprinter vans likewise have uncommonly long support and oil change interims, profiting and efficient decision for some entrepreneurs. At long last, regardless of their prominent, the well-being rating of these vans beats that of comparable prominent vehicles.

Changes to Meet any Commercial Need

Once in a while, a vehicle’s standard industrial facility choices essentially don’t meet the interesting needs of a particular business – and Sprinter vans are no special case. That is the reason numerous reseller’s exchange change or upfitting organizations have sprung up as of late to address the issues of entrepreneurs. The open inside, broad headroom and various lengths of Sprinters make them effortlessly upfitted to incorporate an assortment of custom transformation overhauls. Regardless of whether it’s including refrigeration units and a side concession window for dessert merchants, including remote web capacities and extravagance insides for a portable office or overhauling the inside for effective capacity of utility devices and development materials, Sprinter vans can be refitted to suit any coveted utilize.


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans have a higher profile and roomier inside than most different kinds of load and passenger vans, which makes them ideal for a huge range of business utilize in a wide assortment of enterprises.

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