Have you every tried to transport a beautiful tiered wedding cake, frosted with delicate buttercream, with delicate piping in a non refrigerated van or vehicle, in the middle of summer? We can all imagine the result of the buttercream beginning to slowly but surely melt and a sad looking wedding cake for the bride and groom!

Why do we need a refrigerated van?

Let’s think now of the outcome, if they had transported their beautiful wedding cake in a cool, temperature controlled refrigerated van. How would the cake have arrived at the reception location? Pristine, intact and fresh! There are several businesses that require refrigerated vans for transporting perishable items, here is a small list: 1) Pastry, to avoid the items spoiling or loosing their integrity, such as the wedding cake mentioned above. 2)Event and wedding caterers, they need to transport a wide range of perishable food items, and if anyone got food poisoning from their catering event, they would probably soon be out of business. 3) Butchers, we want our meat kept cool and fresh, as it has the potential to grow some of the most dangerous bacteria when held at the incorrect temperatures. 4) Florists, yes, flowers are considered to be a perishable item, they need to be transported at cool temperatures to prevent wilting. So we transport perishable items, for whatever the reason, we will need to look at what are the refrigerated vans for sale.

How Cool Do You Want It?

It basically depends on the perishable item we will be transporting, some items will need to be kept frozen, others refrigerated and items like pastry or flowers just need to be kept cool. But catering, they might need a dual refrigerated van, that provides a frozen section, a refrigerated section and maybe even a section that is just cool. Where are these reefer vans for sale? There are many places, some people just buy an old van and adapt it to be a homemade reefer van, but it doesn’t always give satisfactory results. One of the best companies for making refrigerated vans for sale is a Glacier vehicle. Why are they the best? They don’t just use an old van and adapt it; the van is made as a refrigerating system with wheels.  They offer a variety of styles and prices of refrigerated vans.  Click here.

Is it worth the Cost?

Imagine, you have a flourishing catering business and we know with a catering business, the best advertising is mostly done by word of mouth. Positive reviews, here and there. All we need is just one bad comment; about someone getting sick from the food at our catering job and our business is down the drain. Is it worth it, being cheap and not investing in a good, well, designed refrigerated van? Of course, it’s not worth it, we have invested our heart and soul into our business, so let’s invest in buying a Glacier Vehicle, refrigerated van that is designed for us. That will not break down on the side of the road and let all our perishable items rot or wilt. That will actually keep things cool and give us the much-needed peace of mind as we transport our valuable goods in our new Glacier refrigerated van.

So let us transport our perishable items with ease and worry-free in our refrigerated van. We will not have to worry about our pristine wedding cake, slowly melting from the elements in our vehicle, seeing the buttercream curdle and drip. We will be able to give our clients the best product ever by using a refrigerated van.

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