Steps For Build Your Own Camper Van

Purchasing a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van that you have found for sale could be the first step in building your own camper van. The ideal situation for a camper van would be to find one already built and purchase it that way, but there are two very important factors. One of which there were very few of these already made, so the availability is rare and the second is the price for one, even if you can find one used, it is going to be quite pricey. The idea of creating your own design to fit your needs or wants is very appealing for many people. The problem comes into the ability to do the work yourself or basically the lack of confidence in many people that they can actually do this. There is a lot of information on the internet with many helpful tips including step by step of how to install various items, from the furniture to the refrigerator.

Why Convert A Van?

Converting a van into a camper has many benefits. It is not a large as a motor home and will get better gas mileage. It is easier to move around in parking lots and in traffic and is much easier to find a parking spot for it. If you are traveling and want to stop at a museum or even a smaller store, most of these vans will fit into a regular parking spot. When going to the beach or traveling much of a distance this will prevent you from having to rent a motel room somewhere along the way that most of already know can be quite expensive and some of them leave a lot to be desired. Unless you are in a camp ground or a camping area, there are no check in or check out times, leaving your travel experiences on your own time. This gives you a lot more freedom with your travels and will allow you to do it a cheaper cost, allowing many to travel at their own free will.

Where To Start

  • Create your budget
  • Decide upon what style of van that you want to purchase for your conversion
  • Make sure that you plan enough seating and sleeping area for each person
  • Know what type of refrigerator, stove and heating and cooling system that you are using
  • Take out all of the interior area of van that you are going to convert

Start Building Your Camper

Now that you have chosen your Sprinter Van for your conversion for your camper, and you have emptied all the seats out of the area you are going to convert it is time to start installing what you want in your camper. You will want to start with adding some insulation such as some armaflex that will not absorb the humidity into your walls and then cover that with a quality plywood to attach your fixtures to. When using a glue make sure that you have selected a high quality so that it can withstand temperature changes so your items will not come unglued and fall apart. When installing our refrigerator, many will select the three way refrigerator, allowing it to run on 110/120v electric for when you plug into at a camp ground, 12v off of your deep cycle batteries or it can even run on propane if you need to hook up a gas cylinder. Continue reading this for more info.

Next make sure that you have planned for the bedding. If there are only one or two people going to be traveling, this can be the easy part with the installation of something like a futon. Your futon will have to be attached to the wall so that it does not slide around while traveling, but with a little creativity, you should be able to attach it allowing it to be your couch and your bed. Next decide upon the use of your stove if you plan on cooking. Remember that a camp stove that you can use outside is a great option. If you plan on cooking indoors or using any type of gas or propane for anything inside be sure to allow and make sure there is proper ventilation. This project that you are building for comfort and fun is great, but also needs to be safe so that no one gets injured or sick from fumes. This can be a fun adventure but remember you will need to start with your search for the perfect van for sale

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