Top 5 Courier Vans

Vans for sale may be a heading in the newspaper or a sign that gets your attention if you are starting up your own courier business. If you are starting out small and are basically working by yourself, there are several things that you want to consider. You want to purchase one that looks professional; if you look professional, your potential clients will be more apt to take your serious. You already know that you will be spending a lot of time inside of it, so you want to select one that is roomy and comfortable for your long day. You want to make sure that it is reliable and dependable and that it can withstand all of the miles and the stress that you put on it every day. It also must fit the needs of your business and within your planned start up budget. That is a lot to consider. Here are a few choices that have proven to be favorites of many drivers.

Top 4

The Ford Courier might be a great place to start when looking for a used van. These were last produced in 2003 but there are many out there with a lot of life left in them. They could handle the job plus give you leg room and comfort in the driver seat. Another choice is the mid size Peugot Partner. This van will handle many jobs and give you plenty of room in your driver’s seat area. It normally comes equipped with a 1.6 diesel engine and gets around 45 mpg. That is nothing to complain about. The Citroen Relay was another popular choice for the courier businesses. This is a larger van and the cabin is design to be quiet and comfortable. This vehcile normally came loaded with many popular options for your comfort and convenience. This van also showed looks and style. The Renault Kangoo was a popular choice among the smaller vans. It came loaded with many options and could handle your jobs quite well. More details here!

Why Is Choosing The Right Van So Important?

  • You will spend many hours a day inside of this van
  • Your comfort will make your job more enjoyable
  • You must carefully choose the van that will work well for your business
  • Selecting one that is durable will keep your working hours making money and not  spending money in a repair shop
  • Making the proper selection will keep your budget under control and help your business  to be more profitable

Top Choice Number 5

The Mercedes Sprinter is by far in no way the fifth choice of courier companies. This van is like the cadilac of all vans. It has been designed with a large capacity in the cargo area and in your seating area. It was designed with comfort in mind, knowing that you will be spending a big part of your day behind the wheel. It is known for it’s reliability and its well designed 4 cylinder engine. Many of these will come with a five or six speed transmission, allowing you to zip down the freeway if necessary to get to your next delivery. It has multiple storage areas for you to keep your necessary supplies in and is designed to give you that impressive look so you can show your clients that you care about your business.

When making your selection for your new van, your businesses budget and needs are very important to consider. If you are going to be a smaller operation and an owner operator, with a smaller start up budget, a good used van may be the way to get started. With many of these being built to last and be durable, selecting a good used one will help you to stay within or below your start up budget, relieving a lot of stress as you get your clientel built up to a successful business. If you have little knowledge about mechanics, it might be a good idea if you know a mechanic to have them check it out for you before you actually purchase it. Many dealerships will allow another mechanic to check it out for you as long as you ask. So as you are looking to make your purchase, be sure to check this link for more info:

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