What Is A Sprinter Van?

Mercedes Benz Vans

It was designed as a Mercedes Benz Van in Europe back in 1995. This van has been designed especially for commercial use and has hit popularity with many business owners. It allow much more cargo space inside than most any of the others that are available on the market. When it is special ordered it can be made into a utility van with racks and shelves for a cargo van that is used by plumbing companies, heating and cooling companies and other types of contracting companies. This van can also be converted to use as a passenger van for companies that offer shuttles from the airport to maybe a hotel or a conference center. The possibilities of turning it into an ice cream truck or even a concession vehicle with a service window to wait on your customers.


The roominess and the versatility are only a few reasons that this van is now being used by many companies both large and small. This line of vans were introduced in the United States in 2001 as a Freightliner brand and then again in 2003 by Dodge. With the possibility of all of the conversion options that is offered by the manufacturers of this fine commercial vehicle many are taking advantage to have one customized to fit their business needs. This style has also met and passed the safety ratings of other high profile vehicles in their class. These vehicles appear to have been built for endurance including handling many short distances and stopping and starting and are used for deliveries for many different courier companies and other companies that make local deliveries or pickups around your local cities.

Why Buy One For Your Business?

  • Engine was built and has proven to be very tough and reliable
  • Was designed with longer intervals between maintenance and oil changes
  • Have been proven to be more economical than many other cargo type vans
  • Was designed to be roomier on the inside
  • There are companies that can make conversions to fit your business needs

Getting Your Conversion

As you are searching for your new cargo van for sale, make sure you are making a selection that will work right for you business. With the Sprinter, there are companies that have opened up for business that can customize your van to meet the needs of your business. These companies specialize in the customizations to make these vans fit your needs. Discuss what your company does and how you would like your van designed and one of these companies will be able to discuss with you the possible options that you have to create an interior to suit your needs. Find more info here.

Knowing that you have made the right choice by making sure there is enough room on the interior to haul your passengers or even your cargo is a comforting feeling. But knowing that you have purchased one that has been designed to handle high mileage, less maintenance, frequent stops and starts, and can work for you like a truck, makes this purchase well worth your time and investment. As you are searching make sure to check out all of the possibilities that are available to you for you business, but you owe it to yourself to take a good look at the Sprinter Vans to make sure you are getting the best deal.

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